Jobs for Ballroom Couples on Cruise Ships

International Talent Agency Ā«Rising StarsĀ» holds online Auditions/Castings for Ballroom Couples for the new season 2019-2020 for World’s Leading Cruise Lines.

Contracts duration from 6 months. Salary will depend on the cruise line, your position and level of dance training.

The cruise line company provides free meals, accommodation onboard the ship in a 2-berth cabin, with all amenities.

You can get good experience as a dancer working with the best world known choreographs from the USA and Europe.

Promotional Material Requirements:
Video (May be from a competition, or specially recorded video in a dance hall, studio or rehearsal space. Main Latin dances must be demonstrated, cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba, jive, tango & waltz. Each dance should be about 1-2 minutes in duration.
Applicants must show good choreography and technique, trick elements, and flexibility.
It is important to show your abilities as a performer, strong ability to hold audience attention, charm, charisma, and emotion.
The quality of your promotional materials can directly affect your salary range and the number of interested employers.)
Photo (Headshot and front and back in sports attire for fitness form and tattoo check.)
Interview (Speaking to camera tell us something regarding your self, results, experience, hobby, etc.)