Audition in Barcelona for bands

Agency Rising Stars holds an audition in Barcelona for bands, duos & solo musicians on 17-18 October 2019, to work on Cruise Ships of leading Cruise Lines. The contract is 6 months and up. 1 day off per week, 3-5 sets by 45 min daily.

Certainly performing for a cruise line is a great opportunity to earn a steady income while traveling to a number of exciting destinations! It is an amazing possibility to work everywhere on earth. From the Canary Islands to Nordland, visit the delightful Caribbean beaches and the Baltic Sea!

We Are Looking For:

  • 5 Piece Showbands (include 2 Singers)
  • Pop & Jazz Duos
  • Entertainers with own 45-50 min show (Singing Pianists/Guitarists)
  • String Trios / Quartets

Previous experience of a cruise ship contract is a plus. If you have STWC Certificates and C1D it is a double plus.


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Also if you are interested to get a job on a Cruise Ship as a music band, but can’t attend this audition in Barcelona for bands, you can give us your promo materials online. We will show them to clients, and you might get a dream job. To give us your promo materials please follow this link.

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